ZAFF Communications, being a renowned search engine optimization company works on an exhaustive long checklist of factors that can ensure a formidable, result oriented SEO plan by implementing the On-page and Off-page optimization elements and parameters precisely, which results in organic SEO indexing which in turn help companies win more customers by getting them found first in Google search

Increased organic traffic
Best marketing ROI
Establish brand awareness
Reporting & analytics
SEO services ZAFF Communicationst
  • Website Audit

    Website Audit & Competitors Analysis

    Planning & ideation, website & competitive analysis

  • SEO Keyword Analysis ZAFF Communications

    Keyword Planning & Mapping

    Keyword research & analysis, keywords mapping, goals & objectives

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Predictability, good traffic, better ranking, ROI

  • SEO

    Google Webmasters & Analytics

    Spots errors, real time data & ranking metrics

  • On Page Optimization ZAFF Communications

    On-Page Optimization

    Organic traffic sources, page speed, local results

  • Off Page OptimizationZAFF Communications

    Off-Page Optimization

    Online branding, increase in referral & social traffic, increase in domain authority

  • SEO Company ZAFF Communications

    Google Adwords

    Measurable, cost effective, maximum relevance, remarketing

  • SEO Content ZAFF Communications

    SEO Content

    SEO defined content creation and optimization

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